This is the documentation for the unsupported version 1.0. Please consider upgrading your code to the latest stable version

Upgrading from 0.19 to 1.0

Previous Deprecations Removed

All previously-deprecated code has been removed. This includes:

Document Processors Removed

We no longer support Document Processors because we now have event dispatching which can fill that same role! Simply remove the interface from your processor and register it as a listener; for example, instead of this:

class MyDocumentProcessor implements DocumentProcessorInterface
    public function processDocument(Document $document)
        // TODO: Do things with the $document

// ...

$processor = new MyDocumentProcessor();

Simply do this:

class MyDocumentProcessor
    public function onDocumentParsed(DocumentParsedEvent $event)
        $document = $event->getDocument();
        // TODO: Do things with the $document

// ...

$processor = new MyDocumentProcessor();
$environment->addEventListener(DocumentParsedEvent::class, [$processor, 'onDocumentParsed']);

Text Encoding

This library used to claim it supported ISO-8859-1 encoding but that never truly worked - everything assumed the text was encoded as UTF-8 or ASCII. We’ve therefore dropped support for ISO-8859-1 and any other unexpected encodings. If you were using some other encoding, you’ll now need to convert your Markdown to UTF-8 prior to running it through this library.

Additionally, all public getEncoding() or setEncoding() methods have been removed, so assume that you’re working with UTF-8.

Inline Processors

The “inline processor” functionality has been removed and replaced with a proper “delimiter processor” feature geared specifically towards dealing with delimiters (which is what the previous implementation tried to do - poorly).

No direct upgrade path exists as this implementation was not widely used, or only used for implementing delimiter processing. If you fall in the latter category, simply leverage the new functionality instead. Otherwise, if you have another good use case for inline processors, please let us know in the issue tracker.


Now that we have proper delimiter handling, we’ve finalized the Delimiter class and extracted a DelimiterInterface from it. If you previous extended from Delimiter you’ll need to implement this new interface instead.

We also deleted these unused Delimiter methods:

And all of the remaining Delimiter::set___() methods no longer return $this.


The DocParser class is now final as it was never intended to be extended, especially given how so much logic was in private methods. Any custom implementations should implement the new DocParserInterface interface instead.

Additionally, the getEnvironment() method has been deprecated and excluded from that new interface, as it was only used internally by the DocParser and other better ways exist to obtain an environment where needed.


The Configuration class is now final and implements a new ConfigurationInterface. If any of your parsers/renders/etc implement ConfigurationAwareInterface you’ll need to update that method to accept the new interface instead of the concrete class.

We also renamed/added the following methods:

Old Name New Name
getConfig() get()
n/a set()
setConfig() replace()
mergeConfig() merge()


The AbstractInlineContainer class added an unnecessary level of inheritance and was therefore deprecated. If you previously extended this class, you should now extend from AbstractInline and override isContainer() to return true.


The AdjoiningTextCollapser is an internal class used to combine multiple Text elements into one. If you were using this yourself (unlikely) you’ll need to refer to its new name instead: AdjacentTextMerger. And if you previously used collapseTextNodes() you’ll want to switch to using mergeChildNodes() instead.


The ReferenceParser was moved into the Reference sub-namespace, so update your imports accordingly.

Virtually all usages of ReferenceMap in type hints have been replaced with the new ReferenceMapInterface. This interface has the same methods, with one small change: addReference() no longer returns $this.

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