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league/commonmark is a Markdown parser for PHP which supports the full CommonMark spec. It is directly based on the CommonMark JS reference implementation by John MacFarlane (@jgm).


While other Markdown parsers focus on speed, or try to enable a wide range of flavors, this parser will strive to match the C and JavaScript implementations of CommonMark to make a logical and similar API.

We will always focus on CommonMark compliance over speed, but performance improvements will definitely happen during efforts to reach v1.0.0 and onwards.


This library allows you to add custom directives, renders, and more. Check out the Customization section for more information.

Integrations & Community Extensions

An updated list of pre-built integrations and extensions can be found in the Related Packages section of the README.


This library was created by Colin O’Dell. Find him on Twitter at @colinodell.